Experience the Essence of India With Traditional Thalis at Mahabir Bhojanalaya

Food is very important to the Indian culture, and a trip to India is incomplete without having a lavish Thali at every major region in the country. While there are stark differences between each Thali that you will find in various parts of the subcontinent, all of them are truly Indian. Thalis are not just about the presentation or having great food; it is about creating nutritionally balanced meals using various unique flavors. Traditional thalis come with a fixed portion size to prevent people from overeating. This does not mean thalis are meager in any way; you get to experience a sizeable number of dishes that will leave you hearty after every meal.

The first mention of thalis was found in the Vedic period, and the tradition has carried on for hundreds of years in various parts of India. Over the years, the simple thali has evolved to meet the local food habits of people in various regions. One similarity that is consistent amongst all Indian thalis is the cooking style. Indians are known for their steamed, smoked, boiled, grilled and deep-fried food and what’s a thali without a generous serving of butter or ghee?

Thalis work on the principle of less is more according to Ayurveda. The composition of any thali is determined by the vatta, pitta, and kapha – three biological energies that are found in the human body. A traditional thali needs to be high on vitamins and nutrients and offer a complete dining experience.

Mahabir Bhojanalaya is known for its filling thalis that are rich in flavor and heritage. Our Family Thali is perfect for a meal with your loved ones with an assortment of rotis, sabji, dal fry, jeera rice completed with accompaniments and a dessert. If you are looking for a quick and filling meal, our Mahabir Thali offers an assortment of rotis, rice, dal fry, 2 sabji accompanied with dahi, papad, salad, and achar.

Mahabir Bhojanalaya offers flavors from every corner of the country and we also meticulously pack our thalis for travelers so they can have a hearty meal on the go. With decades of experience in hospitality, you can expect nothing but the very best when you are at Siliguri.

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