Mahabir Bhojanalaya Offers Traditional Indian Food from Across the Country

Almost 30% of the Indian population is vegetarian according to a study by Huffington Post, and while the number might not sound impressive, the country is home to the most number of vegetarians in the world. Indian cuisine includes some of the most complex dishes in the world, and you will never find more variety when it comes to vegetarian food anywhere else in the world.

With over 5,000 years of history, each Indian region has developed its own cooking style and tastes. South India was influenced by rice-based cooking, and you should definitely try iconic dishes like dosas, idlis, and uttapam. North Indian cuisine, on the other hand, is known for its chole bature, dal bati churma and a number of other delectable dishes.

India is not limited to its traditional ‘desi’ food; you will find a lot of foreign influences over local cuisine as well. The delectable ‘Chinese’ food we get in the county has been Indianized and despite the food not being authentic, no one can deny dishes like Veg Manchurian, and Crispy Chilli Potato taste incredible.

The next time you are at Mahabir Bhojanalaya, do visit us for a hearty meal. We offer cuisines from all over the country and are specialists in Jain and Gujarati Food in Siliguri. Our South Indian food menu houses some of the most iconic dishes and if you are up for a lavish meal do try out our authentic thalis.

If you are traveling from Siliguri and want some great food for your train or bus journey, count on us to offer you specially packed thalis that you can take with you. Our fresh food is not only delicious but also healthy and hygienic. Whether you are looking for a quick snack, a full meal or a refreshing drink in the summer heat, count on us to offer you nothing but the very best.

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