Best restaurant to have vegetarian food in Siliguri

Best restaurant to have vegetarian food in Siliguri

People become vegetarian for several reasons, including health, religious beliefs, animal welfare concerns or the utilization of antibiotics and hormones in livestock, or a desire to dine in ways in which avoid overuse of natural resources. Some people follow a largely vegetarian diet because they cannot afford to eat meat. A lot of people in Siliguri are vegetarian and they always search for restaurants serving vegetarian food in Siliguri. Mahabir Bhojanalaya is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Siliguri serving dishes like biryani, parathas, South Indian dishes, Chinese dishes etc.


Why People Love Vegetarian Food ?

In India, people often choose to be vegetarians for reasons other than the cost. Parental preferences, religious or other beliefs, and health problems are among the most common reasons for becoming a vegetarian. Many people opt for a vegetarian diet out of concern for animal rights or the environment. And many people have more than one reason to choose vegetarianism. However, most of the restaurants out there are not pure veg so the people on a strict vegetarian diet face a lot of challenges in finding one. We at Mahabir Bhojanalaya take utmost care in preparing your favorite vegetarian food in Siliguri.

Types of  Vegetarian Food we serve in Siliguri

We serve a variety of vegetarian food in Siliguri like biryani, parathas, South Indian dishes, Chinese dishes, vegetables, soups, desserts, sweets and many more. Our menu can be found here . Restaurants are places where people come to have good food and experience great service. We offer both at a very reasonable price. Mahabir Bhojanalaya has been serving vegetarian food in Siliguri since 1960. Travelers from all over India visit our restaurant in search of vegetarian food and we are more than happy to provide good taste and better quality vegetarian food since its inception.

Why our customers love us?

We have more than 900 reviews on google and a lot of satisfied customers from all over India. We are one of the few pure vegetarian restaurants in Siliguri and we keep the promise of delivering the best vegetarian food in Siliguri every time you order from us. You must try our veg thali and Chinese combo which we prepare without onion and garlic if you request us to do so.

How to order?

Craving for vegetarian food ? You can visit our restaurant which is located at Sevoke More traffic point , one of the busiest areas in Siliguri.Not able to visit ? You can find us on zomato  & swiggy and place an order there as well. Delivery might be affected due to the current coronavirus situations we suggest you to Contact Us before placing an order.
Thank you for giving us your time. We hope you will stay healthy forever.

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